PHC is a 501 (c) (3) organization that is classified as a public charity.  Contributions are tax deductible. Contributions that total at least $100 in a year are eligible for a direct 50 percent Pregnancy Resource Center Tax credit.


To empower individuals to make healthy, life-affirming decisions consistent with the sanctity of human life as created by God.


A community that recognizes every human life as created by God, sacred and valued.

Members of the Board of Directors:

Jamie Smith – Chairman
Gary Behrns – Vice President
Linda Tillinghast – Secretary
Deanna Holly – Treasurer
James Jackson
Mary Browning
Kurt Dudenhoeffer
Mary Telthorst
Nina Meeks
Courtney Groce
Brian Stephens

Executive Director

Leslie Kerns
tel 573-574-0001

Medical Director

Dr. William Musick